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Community Meeting
Thursday, September 27, 7:00 pm

 Yonkers Joint Water Resource Recovery Facility
1 Fernbrook Street
Through the efforts of Legislator Virginia Perez, we have arranged to have a Community Meeting with the Department of Environmental Facilities for an update on Odor Remediation Projects and Plant Operations at the Yonkers Joint Water Resource Recovery Facility (YJWRRF, a/k/a Sewage Treatment Plant).
The meeting will be at the Facility at 1 Fernbrook Street at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, September 27. Please make every effort to attend.

To review the presentations made at the last meeting in September, as well as past presentations, go to  County Presentations .  They are both worth looking at in advance of Thursday's meeting for background.

Requested Agenda for the meeting:
  1. Update on County review of construction projects at YJWRRF – as described by George Latimer at last meeting


  2. Update on odor remediation projects

  3. Update on CDM Smith recommendations for odor control


  4. Performance report for 2017-2018 – successes and failures – we used to find annual reports on website


  5. General maintenance routines – any improvements?We see Grit Tank #3 caused problems at least twice (mentioned specifically by CDM), thickener #3 caused high readings at several monitors.Has there been any changes in staffing levels which would affect this?


  6. Progress on reforming the odor reporting system


  7. H2S monitoring – you continue to report that high H2S readings are due to rain events.How are new monitors, installed in February, performing?Have you found ways to mitigate the rainfall effect for the new monitors?


  8. Any updates on putting monitors in the community?


  9. New technologies –new treatment options, new uses for methane?


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