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Dog Park in Ludlow Park

Our Dog Park is on its way to Albany!
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Dear Ludlow Park Dog Park Supporters,

"Hurray and Thank You!" to our City Council Member Wilson Terrero for taking our petition drive seriously and expediting passage this evening of the Yonkers City Council Resolution:

(1) commending our group and the Ludlow Park Residents Association for our efforts to date; and
(2) calling for the City's Parks Commissioner and legal counsel to negotiate with the State for permission to create a Dog Park on the grassy land on Riverdale Avenue between Culver St. and Franklin Ave.; and
(3) establishing that the City be ready to take all necessary steps to create the Dog Park once the State agrees to it; and
(4) allowing the City to reach a formal agreement with the committed group of residents (that's all of us) regarding the creation and maintenance of the Dog Park so that there is minimum fiscal impact for the City of Yonkers; and
(5) declaring that the City Council strongly supports the creation and operation of a Dog Park at said location for the betterment of the community and the city as a whole.

We are grateful to Wilson for getting the input and blessings of the City's legal counsel in drafting the Resolution, a move that clearly smoothed the way for its rapid passage tonight
Be on the look out for local news releases tomorrow.:-) Although the proceedings were taped for TV, it's not clear whether the footage will be used. Nortrud Spero, Cindy Pramann, Sister Kathleen Doherty and myself were there to witness it all.

If you've never been to the City Council Chambers on the 4th floor, I highly recommend a visit. It's a majestic, grand gem of a room with murals, wood paneling, red velvet seats, and a splendid stained glass dome with the City Seal at its top.

Cindy and I spoke during the "open mic" session (aka the Committee of the Whole) then watched in amazement as those Council Members who were present kicked the Resolution around for a few minutes, voicing support and commending us for assuming primary responsibility for funding and maintaining the park. They loved the idea that what is now a dump site will be converted into a positive community asset and will become a first step in beautifying the "Riverdale Avenue corridor."

City Council President, Chuck Lesnick, had the best line: "Oh, so now people won't be dumping junk there anymore!...Only dogs will be dumping..." Then, in the blink of an eye, he announced passage of the Resolution in the names of all present. "BAM!" down came his gavel, and it was all over.

Tomorrow the Resolution will be placed on the desks of State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins and State Assemblyman Gary Pretlow who will be in charge of shepherding the request through their respective Legislative Houses in Albany. Since this is the first time such a request has ever been made, no one knows exactly how long it will take, but Wilson Terrero is pulling as many strings and levers of power as he can to move it along swiftly.

Stay tuned and stay in touch. Let's use this "wait and see" period to cook up ideas for raising the $12,000 to install the fencing. The more ideas and suggestions you come up with, the easier it will be to spring into action when the State does grant the permit.

May all our dreams for the Dog Park come true,

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