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Yonkers Joint Sewage Treatment Plant History

New Odorless County Sewage Plant Will Be Attractively Landscaped
This article is from the October 2, 1954 edition of the Herald Statesman. It seems that sewage treatment technology was much more advanced in those days.


Emissions from the Plant and Potential Health Effects
Hydrogen Sulfide Fact Sheet
OSHA Fact Sheet on Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S
Masters Paper examining impacts of Hydrogen Sulfide emissions in the Oil and Gas Industry and Health Impacts.
EPA discussion of health impacts of Nitrogen Dioxide emissions.
State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System - The SPDES permit is the permit issued by the State of New York that authorizes the Sewage Treatment Plant to discharge into the Hudson River.

2011 Sewage Diversion Legislation

Westchester Board of Legislators Legislative History
This provides the legislative history and links to further details for the act passed by the Board of Legislators in 2011 approving adding the New Castle parcels to the Saw Mill Valley Sanitary Sewer District.

Minutes of the Board of Legislators meeting where the act adding parcels to the Sawmill Sanitary Sewer District was approved.

Resolution regarding Committee Recommendation to Add Parcels - 5849
Resolution regarding Committee recommendation to add parcels to the Sawmill Sanitary Sewer District.

Resolution regarding Committee recommendation to add parcels to the Sawmill Sanitary Sewer District.for diversion to Yonkers.

Packet of material from County Executive to County Legislature supporting adding parcels to Sawmill Sanitary Sewer District for diversion to Yonkers.

Yonkers Joint Wastewater Treatment Plant

2012 Annual Report - Westchester Department of Environmental Facilities


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