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Ludlow Park Residents Association & Yonkers Police Department
Blockwatch Program


For emergencies, call 911                                                               For non-emergency police business, call 377-7900
(crime in progress, fire, health emergency)                              (crime discovered after the fact, other concerns)


it is important to all of us that Ludlow Park be a safe and stable neighborhood where children can play, senior community members feel safe, and we can all be secure in our homes and property.  The Police Department works hard to protect us but they need our help, particularly in these times of budget cuts and other constraints.

The Ludlow Park Residents Association sponsors our neighborhood Blockwatch Program in partnership with the Yonkers Police Department.  We plan to hold meetings approximately quarterly with Blockwatchers and representatives of the 3rd Precinct in order to maintain a good relationship and improve communications.

Come to this page for the latest information about the Blockwatch Program.  We encourage Blockwatchers who are Ludlow Park Residents Association Members to participate in the Blockwatch forum as a way to notify their neighbors about criminal activity in the neighborhood.  Anyone can review the reports in the forum, but only members can post to the forum.  Unlike our other forums, members are assigned a number so they can post anonymously.

To see the forum's discussions, click on this link: Blockwatch Forum

Even if you do not join the Blockwatch Program, as a member you can report any activity or incident that you see or have experienced around your house.  The Blockwatch Forum is a tool for our community to report criminal activity and/or quality of life issues.  If all of us take time to report and contribute we can increase visibility and transparency and bring these issues to the Yonkers Police.









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