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Election 2010 Results


Election results for local races can be found at

Results are not final until certified and this does not usually happen until several weeks after the election.   The results posted below are based on unofficial results as of November 13, 2010.  Winning candidates are highlighted in Green.





Ballot Questions - City of Yonkers

Voters in the City of Yonkers will be asked to vote on two ballot questions, both dealing with changes to the City Charter.  Ballot questions are often missed entirely by voters, and they often aren't worded in ways that make the issues immediately clear to the voter.  Jane Barker prepared an excellent summary of the two ballot questions, one proposing changes to the process requiring City Council approval of mayoral appointments and the other proposing changes to the method of filling the Mayor's position in the event the Mayor leaves office mid-term for any reason.

For the summary of the first ballot question, click on  Ballot Question #1                PASSED

For the summary of the second ballot question, click on  Ballot Question #2               PASSED

Candidates whose names are highlighted in blue attended or sent a surrogate to the LPRA Candidates Night Forum to present their candidacy.

 State Senate - 35th Senate District


Liam J. McLaughlin 

Andrea Stewart-Cousins
 Working Families

State Assembly - 87th Assembly District

J. Gary Pretlow

Working Families

 Samuel L. Rivers

Judicial Races

The New York State Unified Court System provides a Voter Guide for Judicial Positions that will appear on the ballot in Westchester County, available at  This guide provides information supplied by the candidates about their background.  Also, see the League of Women Voters links supplied at the top of this page.

We have provided below a synopsis of the specific judicial positions appearing on the ballot in the City of Yonkers, along with the candidates and the party lines that support them.

City Court of Yonkers, Vote for 3:

Robert C. Cerrato
Republican, Independence, Conservative

 Evan Inlaw

 Democratic, Working Families
Thomas R. Daly
Democratic, Independence, Conservative, Working Families

 Richard F. Sweeney

Ed Gaffney
Democratic, Independence
 Dori K. Wood
 Republican, Conservative

City Courts (outside of New York City) arraign felonies and handle misdemeanors and lesser offenses as well as civil lawsuits involving claims of up to $15,000. Some City Courts have small claims parts for the informal disposition of matters involving claims of up to $5,000 and/or housing parts to handle landlord-tenant matters and housing violations. City Court judges are either elected or appointed, depending upon the particular city. Full-time City Court judges serve 10-year terms, while part-time City Court judges serve six-year terms.

Westchester County Court, Vote for 1:


Douglas J. Martino
Republican, Conservative

 Barry E. Warhit
 Democratic, Independence, Working Families

County Courts located in each county outside New York City, handle criminal prosecutions of felonies and misdemeanors committed within the county, although in practice most misdemeanor offenses are handled by lower courts. County Courts also have limited jurisdiction over civil lawsuits, generally involving claims of up to $25,000. County Court judges are elected to 10-year terms

Westchester Family Court, Vote for 4:

 Raymond W. Belair
 Right to Life

 Nilda M. Morales Horowitz
 Democratic, Conservative, Independence, Working Families

 Edward P. Borrelli
 Republican, Conservative

 Hal Greenwald
 Democratic, Conservative, Working Families


 Mary Clark
 Republican, Independence, Right to Life

 David Klein
 Democratic, Working Families

 Anthony J. Decintio, Jr.
 Right to Life

 Patricia O'Callaghan
 Republican, Independence, Conservative

 Bill Edwards
 Republican, Independence

 Michelle I. Schauer
 Democratic, Working Families

Family Courts, located in every county of the state, hear matters involving children and families, including adoption, guardianship, foster care approval and review, juvenile delinquency, family violence, child abuse and neglect, and child support, custody and visitation. Family Court judges outside New York City are elected to 10-year terms, while those serving in New York City are appointed to 10-year terms by the Mayor of New York City.


Supreme Court, 9th Judicial District, Vote for 4:

 James Alexander Burke
 Right to Life
 Lawrence H. Ecker
 Democratic, Independence, Working Families, Conservative
 Matthew J. Byrne
Republican, Independence, Conservative,  Right to Life
 Gerry Klein

 Linda Christopher

 Democratic, Working Families

 James Maisano

 Republican, Independence, Conservative

 Colleen D. Duffy

Democratic, Working Families
 J. Emmett Murphy
Democratic, Republican, Independence, Conservative

The Supreme Court a statewide court, generally hears cases outside the authority of the lower courts such as civil matters beyond $25,000, and divorce, separation and annulment proceedings, and (in New York City) criminal prosecutions of felonies. Supreme Court justices are elected to 14-year terms.




Westchester County Surrogate's Court, Vote for 1: 

 Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.  (unopposed)

 Democratic, Republican, Independence, Conservative, Working Families

Surrogate's Courts located in every county of the state, hear cases involving the affairs of the deceased, including the validity of wills and the administration of estates.  These courts are also authorized to handle adoptions.  SurrogateĀ“s Court judges are elected to 10-year terms in each county outside New York City and to 14-year terms in all New York City counties.












































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