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Ludlow Park Residents Association & Yonkers Police Department
Blockwatch Program


For emergencies, call 911                                                               For non-emergency police business, call 377-7900
(crime in progress, fire, health emergency)                              (crime discovered after the fact, other concerns)



Other Ways to Get Involved


Council Meetings - The Third Precinct Community Council, led by its President, Bob Stauf, meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM at the Peter Chema Community Center, adjacent to the precinct at 435 Riverdale Ave.
3rd Police Precinct Community Council Meeting Report
Police Precinct Meeting Report, May 20, 2014
Submitted by Miriam Pistone

Attendance was not very good tonight. The Hispanic church, which usually brings a lot of people, wasn’t there. Bob Stauff was absent also, so the meeting was conducted by Vice-President Lucy. Miriam Pistone represented Ludlow Park as usual. George Kevgas, the new head of constituent services, was there for part of the meeting but then had another commitment

Capt. Butler’s Report

Auto larcenies are up and are done by mainly one man. The police are trying for “enhanced prosecution”, i.e., trying to tie all the criminals actions together and give past history so that when the case is adjudicated, he can be sentenced to jail—which would not otherwise be done.

People from Randolph Street spoke about drugs, drinking, public urination. The captain sent a car over right then to stop it.

We were told that one way to draw attention to a difficult situation is for people to send a letter to the mayor’s office giving the time and the crime—as many as possible. It can be anonymous.

The Dominican-American Assoc. is planning to run a day camp in O’Boyle Park (on Hawthorne Ave.) this summer and is looking for volunteers.

Mention was also made of a phone scam targeting the elderly especially, from someone purporting to be from the IRS. It tells you that you owe money and should send a prepaid card.

The next meeting is June 17, at the Chema Center at 7:30.
Miriam Pistone, rep

Radford St. is scheduled to be repaved!!! Just don’t hold your breath.


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